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But we didn’t notice that it also offers advertising programs. Once you choose one advertising program for your business, the platform will surely push traffic to your product paying for clicking on an ad that brings shoppers to your listing. In case you are running a business with a long-term purpose and expecting to pay manually rather than monthly, you can start with PayPal since it is the only one offering that. When you choose to pay manually via the app PayPal, you don’t need to spend time every month to pay the fee until the end of the next 4 months. And even if the payment is not made, your credit card will be charged automatically by the 5th of this month. Last but not least, Bonanza ticks the box when it comes to fitness for purpose.

  • Player’s winnings confiscated due to duplicate account claim.
  • Appearing as a seller-centric marketplace, Bonanza claims to be one of the most suitable platforms for those wanting to sell online on a marketplace.
  • So I am very glad to say that everything turned out ok in the end.
  • Now Bonanza sellers can upload and sell any digital good that can be downloaded and used by buyers .
  • Also, it is not related to any transactions between sellers and buyers.

Learn how to sell Digital Downloads on the Bonanza help pages. Also, maybe this is common sense, but you must have the legal rights to digital goods before you can sell them online. Player’s account was reset for unknown reasons. The player said his account had been reset after 20 months of playing and he lost everything.

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Next, let’s enter your personal information in the right sections. After that, answer the provided questions to confirm the checkout providers, which means how you will want your customers to pay you. In case you do not, you should click on the Start selling now button on the website. After the page opens up, you can now provide a username, password, and booth title. You can also shorten this process by logging in via an existing Facebook or Google account.

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A mixed item discounts strategy is when a customer buys more than one item, he about his will get the lower final price. You can choose the best membership option for you if you expect a membership. In case you don’t, be free to skip this section. Thanks to thế categories and subcategories, you will be guided to the correct articles answering many of the questions you are asking.

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It is because Bonanza not only charges nothing for listing items but also costs relatively less for extra fees. Final Order Values of Bonanza will often be less than 500, which means sellers will need to pay 3.5percent of these Final Order Values. Bonanza is for selling and buying anything but the ordinarySimilar to its rivals in the marketplace, Bonanza is simply a business platform. Nonetheless, Bonanza is for selling and buying anything but the ordinary. When using this marketplace, online merchants can build an online store and list their products for sale.

Customers will be able to approach their sites to look through the listed products and decide to purchase. If you have questions or concerns about this service and its processes, you can email a representative. We sent multiple email inquiries to the company, and we received responses within a day. Also, if you have a Gold, Platinum or Titan membership, you can receive live chat support. This is one of the few services we saw that offers live chat on any plan. Overall everything is great here and quickly becoming even better!!

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When it comes to an item costing 30 with 12 shipping, the Final Order Value will be 32. Nonetheless, a 30 item with 10 shipping only has the Final Order Value of 30. To sum up, Bonanza is a legit online marketplace, although it is possibly affected by fraudsters in buying.

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